Mr & Mrs A, Driffield; March 2015

January 11, 2018

“Now I know why you are called Bravo! We have to say ‘bravo’ to the team that has totally transformed our back garden.

Our sad saga began when the fish in our pond had gone for dinner – an otter’s dinner! Then the fountain started clogging up (again). Then there was a leak, which we fixed. Then there was another leak and we noticed the pond lining was becoming brittle. On top of that the cement under the paving slabs around the pond was coming away and the slabs themselves were becoming more and more uneven.

What were we to do? It was time to call in the ‘B Team’! Along came Jim, who listened to our predicament. It was a case of creating a new pond or doing something completely different with the area. After a degree of pond-ering we decided on the latter and gave Jim an idea of what we wanted. He came up with an imaginative design incorporating our vision – and more. We had a plan.

Helen kept in touch to inform us when the work would be carried out and then Jim arrived with three great lads and a big skip. After day one we thought ‘What have we done?’. The garden was stripped bare and looked like a building site. But in just two more days the garden had been transformed. And as they worked away tirelessly, the odd tweak here and there to the original plan allowed the project to develop into a masterpiece, all carried out with professionalism and to the highest standards.

Gone was the pond, gone was the tatty old lawn and gone was the tired looking paving. In its place was a circular lawn of lush turf, with a neat perimeter of setts, surrounded by a cottage-garden area complete with a pebble, stone and boulder pathway leading to a rustic wooden bench which was made on site. We suggested to Jim the type of plants we wanted and away he went, returning a couple of hours later with an abundance of them. They were planted in a thoughtful way to create a majestic scene of colour and texture. And before the four left, they cleared up and cleaned up.

So remember, if you have a garden that needs rescuing, you too can call the ‘B Team’! “