May 22, 2019

“I originally contacted you after lengthy research into landscaping companies in this area.  It soon became very clear to me from that research that you were head and shoulders above the competition, and so it proved in the events that followed.
You were very professional in your approach, you understood easily what I wanted, although you could not inspect the plot to be developed (as it was a new build property).  Your eventual design, although quite different from my brief, encompassed everything I wanted to achieve but with a far superior design.
The moment your team arrived on site it was obvious that it was well oiled and professional, each individual within the team carried out his duties to a high standard always anticipating what was to be done next within the team and never getting in each others way, which was impressive in the restrictive area and appalling weather conditions.

I have managed teams of men most of my working life and have never seen anything that could even get close to the work ethic and professionalism of your team, it is a credit to both you and them and I applaud you.
The results were a garden that exceeded my expectations, and my wife and I will enjoy it for the rest of our lives.
Thank you to you and your team.”